Wildcat Mountain Fires Up Snowmaking For The 2015/16 Winter Season

Snowmaking in Progress

Pinkham Notch, NH - Wildcat Mountain fired up snowmaking operations at 10 a.m. on Saturday, October 17 and has been running non-stop since then. Mother Nature also provided a little help coating the entire mountain and leaving 1-2 inches of new snow from mid-mountain up. It was truly spectacular this morning! Our plan is to make as much snow as possible during this weather window to set ourselves up for a summit-to-base opening, whenever that may be. We do not have a planned opening but we're shooting for as soon as we can deliver a quality product that spans our 2,112 vertical feet on the Lynx trail. As of now, we should be able to run through mid-morning tomorrow, Monday, October 19 and will then shut down the system and wait for the next weather window to arrive. Our quality and quantity of production should last until the next cold spell when we'll be back at burying the Lynx trail and move one step closer to opening.