Alpine Valley

Northeast Ohio's oldest public ski resort, Alpine Valley, has been in operation since 1962.

Alpine Valley is located in Ohio's snow belt, allowing it to receive the most natural snowfall out of all of Ohio's ski resorts. All three Northeast Ohio ski resorts – Alpine Valley, Boston Mills and Brandywine – are operated collectively. Alpine Valley is 31 miles Northeast of Boston Mills/Brandywine Resorts in the Cleveland metro area. Alpine Valley has a population base of 22 million people within 200 miles. In the summer of 2013, Peak Resorts installed two additional chairlifts, two additional tubing handle tows and a new beginner surface lift. Also a newly installed, state of the art snowmaking system equipped with 30 new tower and portable fan guns along with a new pump house and maintenance facility. The improvements and upgrades to Alpine Valley was a total capital investment of over 2.5 million dollars.